Air-Duct Cleaning and Repairs

As time goes by, particulates get stuck inside your HVAC system and this could lead to clogging. Any air-duct clogs will make your system work harder and is likely to increase your energy bill. Clogs also will affect the quality of air circulating within your home or workplace. These particulates are made of dirt and dusts which carries bacteria. At extreme levels, it could cause breathing discomfort or allergies especially for people with respiratory problem.


A Better Climate, Inc is here to help you with regular air-duct cleaning. We recommend this to be an essential part of your home or building maintenance. Our technical team is equipped with the training and expertise to provide top of the line air-duct cleaning.


If our technician will find damages and leaks, we will assess it and seal the leaks if possible. If parts replacement is required, we will discuss with you and provide a reasonable estimate. There is no project big or small, that ABC Team can’t handle.


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