Basic Tune-Up and Cleaning 

A very simple yet very valuable part of heating and cooling maintenance is a Basic Tune-Up.


This will help avoid HVAC emergencies like sudden machine breakdown in the middle of a cold night or very hot summer day. A Basic Tune-up will also ensure the efficiency of their HVAC system, reducing power costs, and prolonging the life of the machine.


A Better Climate HVAC provides professional tune-up at a very affordable price.


A Basic Tune-Up and Cleaning involves:


  • Cleaning of condenser coils

  • Checking the level of coolant

  • Check the functionality of the thermostat

  • Inspect the ducts

  • Electrical evaluation

  • Overall system motor functionality

  • Reports and Recommendation


We recommend that you get a Basic Tune-Up and Cleaning once a year.

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Valid until May 30, 2019!

*Price is per machine