A Better Climate, Inc. would like to offer you the HVAC Annual Maintenance Plan for Your Home.

The maintenance plan consists of the following services but is not limited depending on the size of your HVAC system
•    2 visits within the year starting on the sign-up date.
•    Our HVAC technician/team will do a preliminary inspection to assess the work coverage and will tell you how long the maintenance service will take
•    Clean thoroughly your HVAC system
•    Search for damages, leaks, and other possible weak points in your system
•    Lubrication of motor parts and bearings
•    Do safety check and double check controls 
•    Test electrical components and wiring 
•    Check the drains
•    Regulate temperature and system pressure
•    Put protective coating to the outer unit 

 We understand the price matters to you, that is why we have different payment options for you to choose from:

Pay Whole Year 
•    Get 10% discount for total annual price. 
•    Any repairs in your system will get 10% discount on parts and filters.
•    Automatically gets Loyalty Program benefits. 

Pay 1 Service Advance
•    Get 5% discount from total annual price
•    Any repairs in your system will get 5% discount on parts and filters.
•    Automatically gets Loyalty Program benefits. 

A Better Climate, Inc. is a licensed professional HVAC company. You can trust that any service we do to your AC unit/s will meet manufacturer’s operating standard. Anything we do complies to your manufacturer’s warranty protection. 
We guarantee 100% Service Guarantee. Any back job is free of charge.


Book for inspection or get more info please, call us up at 630-361-3421

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